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Warrior’s Acclaim Spartan Neck Knife Necklace

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The spirit of Sparta lives on through history in the memory of their last stand. They were outnumbered by tens of thousands and still fought. This bravery is a human trait so why not remind ourselves of this bravery in our self-defense tools? The Warrior’s Acclaim Spartan Neck Knife Necklace is a neck knife shaped like a spartan shield. There’s a knife hidden in the bottom of the pendant, only the handle juts out of the shield. The knife is shaped like a spartan sword for added realism. It may not be a full-size sword but the element of surprise is a larger and more effective tool than any other. The pendant is made of strong zinc alloy and colored a stunning, aged gold. The spartan neck knife is fashioned just like a miniature of the real thing and the stainless-steel construction of the blade makes this knife strong and functional. A Warrior’s Acclaim falls on their shoulders as metals of war; come and claim yours. Overall Length: 3.5 Inches. Weight: 0.2 lbs.