Sudden Blood Cross Neck Knife Skull Necklace

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The Sudden Blood Cross Neck Knife Skull Necklace is a cross necklace with a skull in the center with blood red eyes. This necklace also has another neat surprise: the bottom of the cross pulls away from the rest of the pendant completely to reveal a hidden mini knife. The pendant is composed of a zinc alloy and the blade itself is stainless steel. The adjustable chain on the skull necklace extends to a maximum of 15.25 inches and the hole for the necklace chain on the pendant is large so the chain can be replaced easily. The cross on both sides of the pendant is textured with a beautiful knot pattern and the skull in the center is painstakingly detailed with two notches on it’s head resembling horns. The Sudden Blood Necklace has a 1.85-inch double edged blade which would definitely come in handy in an emergency self-defense situation. Overall Length: 4 Inches. Weight: 0.2 lbs.

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