The Kubotan is a popular self-defense weapon designed by Japanese karate master, Takayuki Kubota. Kaswords.com offers an extensive variety of Kubatons with approximate dimensions of 6 inches in length and ½ inches thick. Using kubotan is quite similar to the Yawara stick and therefore it makes for excellent self-defense and martial arts item. All you have to do is support your fist for punching or apply pressure to the sensitive parts of the assailant using the stick such as knuckles, nose, and shins. An effective strike can break bones. When connected to a keyring, you can easily access it, especially for untrained users. You can grip it to harden your fist for punching, use it as a thrashing weapon or whip your key at the attacker. An effective defense that can save someone’s life! We strongly believe that nothing is important than safety. These kubotans will surely get the job perfectly done.

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