Stealth Surprise Necklace Neck Knife

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The Stealth Surprise Necklace Neck Knife is a gorgeous oval shaped amulet with the letter ‘S’ intricately sculpted into it with spots of green against the gold finish. This piece would make a beautiful universal addition to anyone’s wardrobe, however it has a surprise. The base of the amulet disconnects from the pendant completely with a 1.8-inch mini knife attached to it. The part with the knife that comes off of the pendant is not the part that is bound by the necklace chain so once the knife is drawn you don’t need to take the necklace off in order to have full range of movement. If you were wearing it you would pull on the bottommost section of the necklace to draw the knife. Once the pendant is back in one piece no one would ever suspect a hidden knife which is a tactical advantage in an encounter with an attacker. The Stealth Surprise Necklace Neck Knife is a beautiful addition to any wardrobe and an unforgettable addition to anyone’s self defense arsenal as well. What do you think the S stands for: Safety, Stealth, Surprise, or Strength? Overall Length: 2.75 Inches. Weight: 0.2 lbs.

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