Kukri Blade Knives

Kukri blade knives were initially used by Gorkha for cutting meat and vegetable, for digging out holes and any other odd job. A kukri blade knife is well balanced in shape, size, and weight in quite a strategic manner. This helps streamline the movements of the user. These knives are fixed blade knives and are usually ranging between 14 to 16 inches in length. With all that, these may seem quite similar to machetes, and they are very useful in smashing, stabbing and slashing. Its design clearly indicates that these knives are meant for close-quarter combat. But, nowadays, kukri blade knives make a great survival knife for your adventures in the wilderness. Plus, have you ever checked out its history? Kukri blade knives make a great collectible as a medieval knife. KASwords has a nice collection of kukri knives to entice your collection radar.

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