Hold Faith Cross Skull Neck Knife Necklace

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Times of hardship. That is when most people turn to their faith. Believing that they could simply pray their troubles away. As if clasping their hands will cause their hardships to disappear. That isn’t how it works. Through prayer, we gain strength. Through strength, we face our hardships. When you need strength the most is when it is farthest away. Our legs and hands tremble. Our hearts race and our eyes shut. Prayer only brings strength. That strength is inside of you and it always has been. Reach and grasp it. Hold your faith. The Hold Faith Cross Skull Neck Knife Necklace stands as a symbol of strength and a tool for overcoming hardships.

The Hold Faith Cross Skull Neck Knife Necklace is a cross necklace with a striking skull in the center of it. The ends of the cross are rounded intricately to give the knife a more elegant feel in contrast to the vivid skull. This necklace also has a bit of a surprise. The bottom part of the cross pulls away from the rest of the pendant to reveal a 1.67-inch drop point blade. This blade is concealed perfectly within the pendant so no attacker will know what hit them. The pendant comes on an easily interchangeable 15.5-inch chain. The Hold Faith Cross Skull Neck Knife Necklace will help you to keep your faith and strength and to encourage to face your hardships. Overall Length: 3.5 Inches. Weight: 0.2 lbs.

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