Obscure Antiquity Damascus Twisted Neck Knife Necklace

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This is surely the present; however, something just seems antique about it. People walking around with leather sheathed neck knives was common a long time ago. Small wearable knives were useless as face value but in a pinch where the good knife breaks and someone was stranded days away from home those small knives were the difference between life and death. Now, in present time, that they would become a fashion statement is almost laughable. Coming full circle seems to be human trait. No fashion lover is going to turn their nose up at such a unique retro accessory.

This blast from the past is the Obscure Antiquity Damascus Twisted Neck Knife Necklace. A small, full tang knife with a twisted handle composed of Damascus steel; known by its classic wavy design. Damascus steel is a combination of 15N20 and 1095 high carbon steel which results in a tougher, shatter-resistant steel with a unique look as no two pieces of Damascus steel will feature the exact same pattern. This 3.75-inch knife has a 2 inch blade so it should be legal to be carried in the vast majority of the USA but please take a look at your state and city’s rules to be sure that it is permitted for your intended uses. The Obscure Antiquity Damascus Twisted Neck Knife Necklace of course comes with its own genuine leather sheath with a leather cord that can be changed out easily if you would prefer a different necklace attachment. Overall Length: 3.75 Inches. Weight: 1.4 lbs.

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