Ruins in Palm Dragon Claw Novelty Snow Globe

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The Ruins in Palm Dragon Claw Novelty Snow Globe is a snow globe fashioned to look as though it is being held in the claws of a dragon. Inside, there is a dragon donned in silver and gold armor gazing into a ball held in its claws. It sits almost somberly with its wings tucked behind it and its tail curling around its leg. What is it that it sees in that ball? A gaze so sad can only mean ruin. The Ruins in Palm Snow Globe is composed of resin and glass. The resin is beautifully detailed with every scale on the dragon popping out vividly and every bump and crease in the claw holding the glass is stunningly realistic. The Ruins in Palm is a must-have for any dragon lover or collector. Overall Length: 5 Inches. Weight: 1.3 lbs.

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