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Arena of Basilisk Novelty Dragon Themed Ash Tray

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Deep, stone gray and seething; the arena is waiting for you. The Arena of Basilisk Novelty Dragon Themed Ash Tray is a triangular ash tray with armored dragon heads on each corner and an ominous pentagram in the center. Intricately detailed, this resin ash tray features flame-like spires on each side of the triangle with architectural lines on the sides. Each and every crease and bone line in the dragon’s head is vividly sculpted and shadowed resulting in an unbelievably dramatic piece. Even the bolts in the dragons’ headpieces are emphasized and the stunning silver of the armor with gold detailing accents is hypnotic. Any dragon fan or collector will love to step into the arena of basilisk but, of course, the doors to the arena will not stay open forever. Side Length: 5 Inches Each. Weight: 0.5 lbs.