Closeout Beaded Anklets of Desire Novelty Restraints

Beaded Anklets of Desire Novelty Restraints

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The tables have turned and now he is peaking through your key hole to join the tea party.  He finally has the key and knob is turning.  You hold your breath in anticipation. He opens the door and the look on his facePRICELESS.  He as stutters; whats that you are wearing?  You giggle and ask Just a new set of anklets.  Do you like them?  He swallows hard and you can see his Adams apple bob as he tries to speak. Then his eyes travel up to the little lace panties you are wearing that say eat me and thats when his resolve breaks.  He is now your Hatter and you his Dark Alice.  Why should only good girls have fun in Wonderland?

This set is constructed of great quality for long lasting use.  The chain is made from steel links with snap hooks on each end.  Both anklets include two connecting steel rings. Lovely black beads are threaded onto 1.10 mm thick cable that loops around the end rings for extra strength and durability.  This set will bring out the desire or madness in you.

Restraint Length: 10.50 Inches Each
Chain Length: 24.25 Inches
Inner Core: Stainless Steel 1.10 mm Cable
Material: Steel Chain and Fittings, Plastic Beads

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