Armored Tyrant Novelty Dragon Ash Tray

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The Armored Tyrant Novelty Dragon Ash Tray is a novelty ash tray with an armored dragon holding onto the side of it. The dragon as well as the ash tray itself are a smoky, stone gray while the dragon’s armor is silver with gold detailing. The ash tray and dragon are one solid, beautiful piece. The dragon perched on the side looks somberly to the dagger grasped in its claws while its wings extend behind it, titans all on their own. Each and every scale is visible on the dragon and shadowed perfectly bringing a vivid realism to this piece. The ash tray itself is adorned in gorgeous Celtic knot motifs and is rounded, almost making the tray look like a cauldron, which keeps ash inside better as well. The tail of the armored tyrant twists around the tray as the dagger is raised. What comes next is fire. Diameter: 3.5 Inches. Weight: 1.1 lbs.

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