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Novelty Beaded Silent Affair Wrist Cuffs

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Now that you have a sexy new piece of jewelry it is time to take them out for a test drive.  Slip these beautiful beaded wristlets on, dab a little bit of perfume to set the mood, and throw on some lingerie.  Then sit back and tempt him with his inner most desires.  Hook them through your wrought iron head board or throw the chain around his neck as he has your back against the wall, the Silent Affair cuffs can take it.  The chain is made from steel links with snap hooks on each end.  Both cuffs include two connecting steel rings. Lovely black beads are threaded onto 1.10 mm thick cable that loops around the end rings for extra strength and durability.  Like I said they can take the abuse, can you?

Restraint Length: 8 Inches Each
Chain Length: 14.13 Inches
Inner Core: Stainless Steel 1.10 mm Cable
Material: Steel Chain and Fittings, Plastic Beads

Elegant Design
Solid Construction