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Zoro's Shusui Katana Handle Umbrella | Black

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Now you can wield the power of the notorious pirate hunter himself, all while keeping dry! This large umbrella is made in the likeness of one of the three samurai swords wielded by the famous Roronoa Zoro. The highly-detailed handle looks as though it jumped straight out of the anime, featuring a faux ray skin finished with cotton wrapping and metal adornments. You could easily fool someone into thinking this is the real deal! This umbrella would be a perfect addition to your cosplay, as it is convention friendly unlike a real katana and will also keep you dry on a rainy day. Simply push the button above the metal Tsuba (hand guard) to unveil the umbrella top. This high-quality canopy of this umbrella is large enough to shield at least two people from the elements. Included with your purchase is a matching cover to sheath your sword-umbrella when not in use. Overall length 39 inches