Roronoa Zoro Polyurethane Foam Shusui Anime Sword Replica Prop Katana

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Shusui is one of the 21 Great Grade Swords, meaning it is one of the finest swords in the entirety of the One Piece anime series. A prized national treasure of Wano, this sword is most known being used to effortlessly behead an enormous dragon that appeared over the country. This sword was given to Zoro Roronoa after defeating a zombie form of its previous owner in battle. To keep this national treasure in Wano, Zoro was offered another katana as a trade to which he graciously accepted.

This replica may be made of foam, but it is certainly no children’s toy. This Shusui katana sword is composed of polyurethane foam and features a 10 mm fiberglass core. Polyurethane foam is both durable and flexible, and the added fiberglass core creates a strong sword that can be used for cosplay as well as kicking bad guy butt in mock battle. The blade is completely black apart from a painted red Hamon with a jagged shark-tooth design. The handle is molded to simulate a traditional Japanese wrapping in black cloth, with an underlayer of white ray skin. A painted gold pommel tops the handle, and the gold foam guard that has a flower like octofoil design comes detached for easy assembly. A mock habaki separates the blade from the handle. A shiny black hard-plastic scabbard is included with your katana, decorated with a golden tsuba and kojiri end cap as well as dark red painted circles split into even thirds just like the anime.

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