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Zoro's Yubashiri Replica Sword | Carbon Steel Blade Katana

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That’s right, this is indeed the one of the 3 swords previously carried by the legendary Pirate Hunter turned pirate himself in the very popular anime series we all know and love. This sword is one of the 50 Skillful Grade Meito and was a very useful blade until its utter demise. We have replicated every detail of this sword in the anime from end to tip just for your collection. Constructed from carbon steel, this replica of the famous sword will not disappoint. The blade is a full 29-inches in length and sports a sleek black and silver finish. The handle is wrapped in black nylon and features a metal guard and kashira. Included with this gorgeous sword is a matching scabbard complete with a black lacquer finish and gold-toned metal adornments. Overall length: 41 inches, Blade length: 29 inches