Yokai Unseen Sheesham Wood Full Tang Sword Nylon Handle Wrap Bokken Katana w/ Shinai

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Yokai are terrifying demons as dictated by Japanese folklore. They are known for their strength as well as their tendency to attack people. The Yokai Unseen Bokken is a 38.5-inch sheesham wood sword that is full tang and ready to help you train to take on anything or play spar with safe equipment. This sword is light and easy to hold onto thanks to the stunning black nylon wrapped in the katana style for expert grip. Included is a shinai with is the guard of the sword. Simply slide the shinai down the blade and follow it with the black band to secure it in place and your bokken is ready to spar! The Yokai Unseen is perfect for those training, cosplaying, or collecting. Overall Length: 38.5 Inches. Weight: 0.85 lbs.

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