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Bitter Opposition Full Tang Katana Short Sword

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Swords unsheathed meet fiercely, as do the combatants. From farther away no one would suspect the misty mountain clasped in moonlight holds such anger. The two push each other away and come back together, flanking and rushing each other. The fight seems one step from devolving into a no holds barred fist fight. The moon becomes blinded by clouds and finally, in the blindside of the heavens, the finishing attack is dealt. The victor stands alone surrounded by the aftermath. Stepping through the manifested memories. The laugher, the kind encouragement, the yelling that led to this. The victor’s black sword lowers, bowing to a formidable, defeated enemy. There is nothing more destructive than bitter opposition.

The Bitter Opposition Full Tang Katana Short Sword is a jet black, short, full tang katana. The sword is one complete piece of black anodized 420 stainless steel with a nylon cord handle wrap for grip. With a 27 inch blade, this katana is a bit shorter than our others which gives it a bit more precision and it’s easier to hold. The Bitter Opposition Full Tang Katana Short Sword also comes with an ABS plastic and nylon shoulder sheath for easy carry. Whether it is a functional, authentic addition to a costume or cosplay or gorgeous display piece the Bitter Opposition Full Tang Katana Short Sword will be the perfect addition to your collection. Overall Length: 27 Inches. Weight: 2 lbs.