Edo Classic Sheesham Wood Full Tang Training Practice Pretend Play Bokken Katana w/ Leather Wrapped Handle & Guard

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Katanas were used in Japan well before the Edo Period appearing as early as the Heian period. Such a long legacy deserves to be preserved so katanas still exist, but mostly as display items. The Edo Classic Bokken Sword is a practice katana composed entirely of sheesham wood so that the ways of the katana can still be passed down safely. This 39-inch sword is perfect for practice as the blade and the handle are a full piece. The sword arrives with the guard or suba already in place so there is no assembly required. Brown genuine leather is wrapped around the handle for comfortable grip in use. The wood on the Edo Classic Bokken Practice Katana has a lovely black finish that compliments the leather perfectly. Overall Length: 39 Inches. Weight: 1.15 lbs.

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