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Wyvern Egg Lever Lock Automatic Switchblade Knife

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I found a cool rock. It wasn’t that big, but it was beautiful; a gorgeous, multidimensional orange-red that seemed to sparkle in the light. I carried it with me everywhere, through all of my travels. I would hold it up to the sunset and watch the colors reflect each other. Well, one day I woke up and it was broken! Not just broken actually it was halved and it was completely hollow on the inside. I just made this utterly confused face at it until I smelled smoke and turned around to see my tent was on fire. There was this dragon, an actual dragon, trashing my campsite. It was tiny, about the size of a squirrel. I caught it and as I held it up, I noticed its eyes were a color I had seen a million times before. A multidimensional orange-red drenched in the color of the sunset. Staring at me. Of course, I named him Dusk.

The Wyvern Egg Lever Lock Automatic Switchblade Knife has gorgeous, orange-red BLANK grips. The color shimmers as light changes so it is a true spectacle. This knife comes equipped with a lever lock so that the knife doesn’t deploy when not in use. The lever is located on the handle on the guard. Pressing it down will cause the blade to deploy. If you hold the lever down you can guide the blade back into the handle to close it. Simply flip the lever up to lock the knife. The blade is stainless steel which means that it will never rust. This knife has a broad spey point blade, giving the knife a strong presence and provides more surface area for use. The Wyvern Egg Lever Lock Automatic Switchblade Knife comes with a complimentary black nylon sheath for easy carry so you can take it everywhere with you. Unfortunately, there is no wyvern inside this knife. Overall Length: 8.83 Inches. Blade Length: 3.50 Inches. Weight: 167.83 g/ 0.37 lbs.