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Wisp of Smoke Automatic Lever Lock Switchblade Knife

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It’s only barely there on the periphery but its undeniable. Small tendrils of white twisting and rising through the thick darkness. The faintest aroma of incense and fire and then it’s gone. This world exists on the periphery of human senses and is constantly changing. Bending and travelling, the wisps are hard to pin down. They are unexpected, fleeting, and mesmerizing.

As is the Wisp of Smoke Automatic Lever Lock Switchblade Knife. This knife has an ABS handle that is primarily black but features small wisps of white on the sides and some even have the wisps creeping onto the front and back of the handle. These small intricate wisps bring detail and thought to the design and also a profound uniqueness. No two of these knives will be the exact same so yours will be truly one of a kind. This knife has a stainless steel spey point blade so the blade will never rust. The Wisp of Smoke Automatic Lever Lock Switchblade Knife features a lever lock on the handle for safety when the knife is not in use. The knife is locked when the lever is in the up position and flipping the lever into the down position and pressing it down will cause the blade to deploy. The Wisp of Smoke Automatic Lever Lock Switchblade Knife also comes with its own complimentary black nylon sheath that has a belt loop for easy carry.

Overall Length: 8.92 Inches
Blade Length: 3.52 Inches
Blade Width: 0.75 Inch
Blade Thickness: 2.50 mm
Handle Length: 4.51 Inches
Blade Style: Spey Point
Blade Construction: Stainless Steel
Handle Construction: ABS
Includes: Black Nylon Sheath
Features: Unique Wisp Design, Lever Lock, Automatic Knife