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Sharks Eye Lever Lock Automatic Switchblade Knife

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Despite the sea floor resting a mere 20 feet below the surface the deep hole here plunges to an astounding 200 feet. A local secret, that’s what this place is. A well-kept one at that. Stingrays are disturbed in the sand below on the approach, over the edge, and there’s nothing but darkness below. Actually, that’s not true. There are also hundreds of sharks here, following the walls around and around, forming a cyclone of writhing gray 80 feet below and there’s movement even further down. They’re at the edge too. Diving into the deep hole and emerging, passing divers as if they aren’t even there, as if they’re ghosts floating in the water column. One passes close by, and the ghost and sharks eyes meet for only a moment. Only one fleeting second. The shark’s eyes are yellow.

The Sharks Eye Lever Lock Automatic Switchblade Knife is an automatic switchblade with multi-tone, shimmering blue grips composed of BLANK. This knife features a lever lock which is located on the handle toward the guard. If you push the lever down the blade will deploy; it will swing out from the left side of the handle. Push the lever down again and guide the blade back into the handle to close the knife and flip the lever up to keep the knife from deploying accidentally. The frame is made of steel and the pins are brass, so the foundation of this knife is strong. The Sharks Eye Lever Lock Automatic Switchblade Knife features a clean, simple spey point blade composed of stainless steel. The shape is broad and due to the blade’s composition of stainless steel, it will never rust. The Sharks Eye Lever Lock Automatic Switchblade Knife also comes with its own black nylon sheath for easy carry. The weave of it reminds me of the pattern on a remora’s head. The sheath has a belt loop on it so it can stay with the Sharks Eye Lever Lock Automatic Switchblade Knife the same way a remora stays with a shark. Overall Length: 7.85 Inches. Blade Length: 3.52 Inches. Weight: 167.83 g/ 0.37 lbs