Way of the Wandering Samurai Naginata Detachable Martial Arts Polearm Sword with Wooden Scabbard

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Now you can wield the incredible power of a Feudal Era Samurai Warrior with this impressive Japanese inspired replica Naginata. This historical polearm was a favorable weapon among both foot soldiers and horseback riders due to its long reach and sword-like appendage. This functional Naginata features a blade constructed of stainless steel with a stunning duo-toned finish. The base of the blade is a sleek black while the edge is a natural silver. Irregular spikes accent the spine of the blade, and the edge comes unsharpened for safety purposes. The guard is made from sturdy steel with a brushed pewter finish with small gold butterfly adornments. Brushed pewter & gold accents continue along the shaft of the Naginata, separating the wooden pieces that screw together to form this magnificent polearm. Included with your purchase is a free black wooden scabbard that has an ornate dragon carved into either side.

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