Martial Arts Weighted Bamboo Wood Practice Kendo Sword

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The way of the sword is one of determination, calculating steps, and surpassing your limits. The right sword will make a serious difference in your performance. The Kendo Elite Practice Katana is a bokken made of bamboo which has more flexibility than other types of wood and therefore offers a more genuine sparring experience. This sword has a curved blade which allows you to practice moves that cannot be done with a straight blade. The blade features leather wrap and padding on the tip and towards the tsuba. The handle is cord wrapped for better grip so it won’t slip out of your hand while you are practicing. This sword even sports automotive wheel weights added just above the tsuba for more realistic weight while practicing. The Kendo Elite Bamboo Bokken Katana is the perfect practice sword for any kendo artist. Overall Length: 44 Inches, Blade Length: 29.25 inches

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