Japanese Samurai Warrior Naginata

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Due to its massive height and extended reach, the Naginata was the weapon of choice for battle against horseman during Feudal Japans Warring States Period until the introduction of firearms. Measuring in at a massive 53 inches in overall length, this Japanese Samurai Warrior Naginata is surprisingly light at just 4 pounds and very easy to wield and maneuver around with. Constructed from the highest quality high carbon steel that is heat treated to perfection and featuring an antique finish for a true battle-worn appearance, the blade is 25 inches long and comes equipped with double fullers- one fuller is 14 inches long while the second is 11.5 inches long.  A FREE black leather snap fastened sheath is included. Overall Length: 53 Inches Blade Length: 27 Inches Blade Thickness: 2.5 mm Handle Length: 26 Inches Handle Material: Nylon Cord Wrapped Wood Includes: Black leather snap fastened sheath, 14.5 Inch and 11.5 Inch fullers, Antique finish.
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