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Warriors Call Damascus Steel Carolingian Viking Sword

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Viking swords originated from the sword family known as the spatha, and are often longer than the spatha. Swords were often reserved for the wealth due to price, and that is why most Viking warriors carried axes. 1095 and 15N20 steel has been folded over and over approximately 400-520 times to create this alluring Damascus steel blade. A contoured wooden handle with a pure brass insert compliments the Damascus blade very well, along with the brass guard and pommel. The downward-turned cross guard features a long snake like creature surrounded by Viking knot work. The snake is also featured on the large pommel, with the Valknut symbol slightly off to its side. Included with this beautiful sword is an even more beautiful tooled leather sheath that allows you to carry your sword across your back. Overall Length: 32 inches, Blade Length: 24 inches