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Einherjar Blade of Valhalla Damascus Steel Viking Long Sword

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In Norse Mythology, Einherjar (pronounced “ane-HAIR-yar”) are those who fought valiantly on the battlefield, but ultimately perished. As a reward for their sacrifice, the Valkyrie bring these mighty warriors to the gates of Valhalla to be a part of Odin’s elite army. This full tang sword is what I would picture for them to be using when they charge into battle. Forged of excellent-quality Damascus Steel with a whopping 400-520 layers, an HRC of 58-60, and steel of 1095/15N20, this sword was built for only the mightiest of warriors and is sharpened to perfection. the intriguing wave-like pattern of the Damascus gives this sword an even more deadly look, as if it needed any help. The handle is wrapped in exquisite genuine leather. The hand guard and pommel are both made of pure brass, with the guard etched with beautiful Norse engraving and the Pommel having the symbol Valknut, which is the slain warriors knot. Included is an expertly-crafted over the shoulder leather sheath that has two snap closures to keep your sword from moving falling out when not in use. The Valknut symbol is also on the sheath. Overall Length: 40 inches, Blade Length: 29.5 inches