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Full Tang Wolfskin Raider Damascus Steel Viking Sword

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Odin¬ís own special elite group of warriors were Berserker warriors characterized but wearing wolf pelts while in a state of battle fury. They were called Úlfhéðnar or wolf warriors. These men were indestructible and fierce on the battle field. It is said they would walk out on to the battlefield bare chested howling in a frenzy but no weapon would penetrate their skin. While intimidating their enemies they would bite their own swords and shields like crazed savages. Swords like this would have been used by these exceptional men in battle, exceptional but brutal. This sword is hand forged with Damascus made from1095/15n20 Alloy Steel. There are 176 blade layers that have been tempered around 54 to 55. The twist design is absolutely stunning. The super sharp blade will make quick work on the battle field cutting down your opponents. The guard and peened pommel are both made from real brass. Leather wraps a wooden handle for comfort. Included is a handmade leather back sheath for carrying your sword with you. This blade is battle ready and thirsty for action.