Thirst for War Medieval Armor Pauldron with Rondel Set

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If you’re looking for the perfect finishing touches for your LARP or renaissance festival armor, this deal is just too good to pass up. This set comes complete with 2 pauldrons and 2 rondels, one for each side. A rondel is a piece of round metal used for protection as part of a harness of plate armor, usually put in front of the armpit area because that tends to be a weak spot. The pauldrons are 5 separate metal pieces that are riveted together for full range mobility while still maintaining absolute protection. Thick leather adjustable straps are attached to the pauldrons so you can get your perfect fit. Two 27-inch leather cords are provided so you can attach your rondels to your armor. Don’t worry, this set is more than ready for battle, the real question is, are you? Fitment: Adult Sizes
*Please note that this set does not include the pictured neck plate.

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