Pauldron Siege Warfare Armor Set 18g

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Pauldrons are made for the purpose of protecting a knights shoulders and upper arm. They evolved from the Spaulders in the 15th century.  These pauldrons consist of a single large dome-shaped piece to cover the shoulder with three lames attached to it to defend the arm and upper shoulder.  To secure them on they come equipped with leather straps and steel buckles.  This set is made from18 gauge steel with a polished finish.  They are able to withstand light training and sparing.  Hand forged of high quality materials this set is perfect for Living History demonstrations and re-enactments.

Total Length: 13.5 Inches
Total Width: 5.13-11.5 Inches
Sizing: Adjustable- One Size Fits Most
Material: 18g Steel and Genuine Leather; Oiled

Curved steel comfortably fits the natural shape of the arm
Great for Re-enacting, Theater, and Light Sparing
Sold as a Set - Check out our Matching Vambraces, Greaves, and Gorget!
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