Plate Armor Cavalier Pauldrons

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These Plate Armor Cavalier Pauldrons are the perfect accessory to your Medieval Knight gear and serve as excellent protection for your shoulders during combat. These steel Pauldrons have a molded shoulder plate and three lower lames that protect the upper arm. These Pauldrons look great with the matching bracers which are sold separately. The Pauldrons will attach to any Gorget or other body armor that has outward facing rings at the shoulders with a leather strap and buckle at the top, center of the molded segment that will connect to the rings on a gorget or body armor. There is also a leather strap and buckle on the end of the Pauldron that can attach to your arm for extra stability.

Total Length: 10.5 Inches
Total Width: 7.5 Inches
Sizing: Adjustable- One Size Fits Most
Material: 16g Steel and Genuine Leather; Oiled
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