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Strike A Light Viking Fire Steel

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The first item for Viking fire-making is the steel. Fire-steels were very common, which could be carried hanging from a belt or in a pouch with other fire-making equipment. This type of fire-steel allows the user to hold it in the hand with the long, straight edge facing outward to strike the flint, while protecting the fingers and providing a good grip. When a fire-steel is used to create a spark, this spark has to be made to land on a substance which is readily flammable and which will hold the ember produced long enough for the fire-maker to start feeding tinder and building the spark into a fire. This firesteel is made is forged iron steel with a darkened finish and scrolled ends.  It comes in the basic C style indicative of the Romans and Vikings.  Add this to your camping gear or use it in re-enactments.

Overall Length: 3.13 Inches
Overall Width: 1.13 Inch
Thickness: 6.55mm
Material: Forged Iron Steel

Darkened Stone Finish
Scroll Design
C Style