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Viking 9th Century Handcrafted Steel Functional Sword

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22D2, 22F4
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This sword features a simple brass pommel and brass guard. Both are made with little holes to offer you a great balance. The handle is wood covered with black leather wrapped with waxed string tighten to perfection. The blade is the most prized possession of this sword. It carries a High Carbon Steel non sharp Double Edge. The blade has a deep fuller running their length, yet still has a single-handed hilt which often sported the lobed or cocked-hat style pommel. The fuller was used to increase the strength and flexibility of the sword while reducing the weight of the sword at the same time. This weight reduction and flexibility would allow the wielder to swing faster and harder strokes while, at the same time, allowing the sword to bend but not break when it hit bone. The Scabbard/Sheath of this sword is constructed from Natural Wood (which is visible) and its stitched with real leather. The chape on the scabbard/sheath is a simple brown leather design. This scabbard also sports a long belt strap which can be adjusted to fit your size around your waist. Overall Length: 38.25 inch