Roronoa Zoro Polyurethane Foam Wado Ichimonji Anime Sword Replica Prop Katana

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Zoro is known to carry multiple swords at a time, and has been through many swords throughout the One Piece anime series. This particular sword, however, holds a special place in his heart as it was once owned by his childhood friend and first rival. This fully white katana may look like nothing special, but it is actually one of the most powerful swords in the anime and has been used to cut large battle ships clean in half.

This replica may be made of foam, but it is certainly no children’s toy. This Wado Ichimonji katana sword is composed of polyurethane foam and features a 10 mm fiberglass core. Polyurethane foam is both durable and flexible, and the added fiberglass core creates a strong sword that can be used for cosplay as well as kicking bad guy butt in mock battle. The handle is molded to resemble a traditional Japanese wrapping in white cloth, and an underlayer of black ray skin. The circular silver foam hand guard (or Tsuba) comes detached and assembly is extremely simple. A mock habaki separates the blade from the handle. A fully white scabbard composed of hard plastic is included with this sword so you can safely carry your new prop around your next convention.

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