Trafalgar Law Polyurethane Foam Kikoku Cursed Odachi Sword Anime Cosplay Katana Prop

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Kikoku is the name designated to this so called “Cursed Sword” carried by the Surgeon of Death, Trafalgar D. Water Law in the One Piece anime series. This sword is not actually a katana in the anime but a larger version of the Japanese sword referred to as a Odachi. Combined with Law’s Devil Fruit powers, Kikoku is used by the pirate more as a medical tool than a sword and can cut and pierce opponents from a far distance with utmost precision.

This replica may be made of foam, but it is certainly no children’s toy. This Kikoku Odachi sword is composed of polyurethane foam and features a 10 mm fiberglass core. Polyurethane foam is both durable and flexible, and the added fiberglass core creates a strong sword that can be used for cosplay as well as kicking bad guy butt in mock battle. The 29 ½-inch blade is painted a shiny silver that could totally pass as the real deal. The handle is molded to resemble a traditional Japanese wrapping in black cloth, with an underlayer of white ray skin. A painted gold band is also featured on the middle of the handle. A gold pommel tops the handle, and a white fur-covered hand guard comes detached for easy assembly. A mock gold habaki and fuchi separates the blade from the handle, with a ridge in between the two to nest the hand guard. Included with your purchase is a black hard plastic scabbard with painted white crosses and gold detailing to perfectly match the sword in the anime series. Overall Length: 40.5 inches, Blade Length: 29.5 inches

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