Roman Gladiator Arena Brass Spike Helmet

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Some gladiator helms were made to be protective while featuring a design that is both dramatic and intimidating to look at.  This Roman Gladiator Arena Brass Spike Helmet features a typical rounded Roman design, but instead of a ridge or a crest, several small studs are scattered across its surface.  The front of the helmet features an impressively large point that projects out menacingly.  The face has protectors that cover the nose and cheeks, while leaving the eyes and mouth open.  This remarkable helmet is made from quality steel with polished brass plating and an adjustable fine leather liner with chin strap riveted in.  Don this Roman Gladiator Arena Brass Spike Helmet whenever you really want to intimidate your opponent with your appearance and prowess, to complete your awesome gladiator costume, or put it on display in your collection at home so that visitors and guests can enjoy its appearance right alongside you.

Overall Length: 14 Inches        Width: 12 Inches         Forehead Circumference: 26.77 Inches (68 cms)        Material: 20 Gauge Steel with Polished Brass Plating     Features: Leather Suspension Liner, Leather Adjustable Strap, Functional, Wearable Replica

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