Miniature Gladiator Maximus Helmet Display

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The helmet of the famous Roman gladiator referred to as the Spaniard can now be showcased with our Miniature Gladiator Maximus Helmet Display.  A gladiator entertained Roman audiences in bloody battles with other gladiators, criminals or even wild animals.  Most gladiators were slaves, some were volunteers.   Bring back the glory of the gladiator era and enhance the feel in your living space.  This miniature helmet has the characteristic spikes all around and would make an ideal decoration for your desk, mantel or cabinet.

Total Length: 7 Inches
Total Width: 4 Inches
Stand Height: 12.5 Inches
Stand Base: 3.75 Inches
Helmet Material: 20g Steel
Stand Material: Mango Wood
Helmet Finish: Polished Chrome
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