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Roman Arena Pompeii Gladius

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The Roman Pompeii styled Gladius is one of the most famous swords, wielded by one of the most formidable fighting forces known in history. Reflecting the close ties between the military and the arena, the word gladiator comes from the word gladius. The gladius was the favored weapon of the Roman armies, and in trained hands, this blade became one of the most effective in history. The Roman Arena Pompeii Gladius is modeled after the traditional Pompeii gladius, which featured parallel edges and a triangular tip. The solid wooden grip has ridges that fit each finger and is wrapped in high grade black leather. The round pommel is hand carved from Hardwood with a Brass tip for looking pretty and smashing skulls. This gladius comes with a wooden scabbard that is wrapped in red-brown leather and hand-sewn on. Shiny polished brass fittings decorate the scabbard for use with a strap.

Overall Length: 29.5 Inches
Blade Length: 22 Inches
Blade Width: 2.1 Inches
Blade: Double Sided, Safety Edge
Materials: Steel, Wood, Leather, and Brass