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Padded 16g Functional Chainmail Battle Mittens

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These padded chainmail mittens are a great quality made from durable materials and fully functional.  They are constructed of 16g zinc plated mild steel rings, canvas, with leather palms. This set provides protection for the users hands as well as offer strong gripping capabilities.  These mittens have many uses such as cooking.  They protect your hand against heat and cutting.  Re-enactors can don these mittens to finish off costumes, excellent for Blacksmiths that work with metal at high temperatures, and of course sword fighting. Get this handmade set and protect yourself just like a knight would.

Overall Length: 11 Inches
Overall Width: 7 Inches
Material: Mild Steel Rings, Leather, Canvas

Gauge: 16g
Ring Size: 8mm
Finish: Zinc Plated
Design: Butted
Set of 2