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Infantry Battle Ready 16g Buckler Shield

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Although the existence of buckler is not very well known, it was very widely used in its day. It was a simple yet effective weapon that when combined with a sword, made a swordsman a much more dangerous opponent. There were five primary uses which recognized the bucklers small size and maneuverability:  Hand protection, Deflector, Blinder, "Metal fist", Binder.  Its small size was very useful in deflecting the blow of swords or large fighting knives. Constructed of 16 gauge iron with a natural finish the Infantry Battle Ready 16g Buckler Shield would give the user a clear advantage over other opponents.  This simple round buckler has a wooden handle located in the back and when combined with a short sword you can clearly do some damage.  From completing a costume to actual combat training this buckler will not disappoint.

Diameter: 12 Inches
Material: 16 Gauge Iron

Comfortable, Non-slip Grip
Battle Ready, Fully Functional