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Sparring Hans Tolhoffer Functional 16g Buckler Shield

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Talhoffer was a well-educated man who took interest in astrology, mathematics, onomastics, and the auctorial and the ratio. He authored at least five fencing manuals during the course of his career, and appears to have made his living teaching, including training people for trial by combat. The Sparring Hans Tolhoffer Functional 16g Buckler Shield is battle ready with an all-natural finish. A wooden handle is featured in the back for a strong hold.  There were five primary uses which recognized the bucklers small size and maneuverability:  Hand protection, Deflector, Blinder, "Metal fist", Binder.  Its small size is useful in deflecting the blow of swords or large fighting knives.  Use this shield in competitions, training, or even to complete an outstanding costume that will make others drool in your wake.

Dimensions: 17 x 11 inch
Steel Material: 16 gauge, Natural
Handle Material: Forged Steel, Wood
Weight: Approximately 4lbs

16 Gauge Forged Natural Steel
Fully Functional