Medieval Stainless Steel Hand Forged Clover Design Cutlery Set

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Be prepared for any feast with this beautiful hand-forged cutlery set. Complete with a fork, spoon and knife, this modern twist to the classic medieval design gives this 3-piece set a polished, sleeker feel as compared to the usual antiqueness that make most medieval cutlery more of a decoration piece instead of functional utensils. The handle of each piece has a clover-looking indention on the front side. The spoon is of a larger size, perfect for soups and hearty stews, and the fork head features four prongs. The knife features a tapered, curved edge that is sharp enough to cut but more so to spread butter or jams. The simple pattern and modern touch to this set makes it a sturdy yet tasteful piece to add to your cutlery.
*Please note that the size of the set is approximate, because it is handmade and every set is unique.
Knife Overall Length: 9 inches
Fork Overall Length: 8 ½ inches
Spoon Overall Length: 8 inches
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