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Medieval Hand Forged Cutlery Set

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Hand forged from stainless steel and given a blackened antique finish for an authentic look, this cutlery set includes a knife, fork and spoon to give you everything you need for a taste of authentic medieval camp life. The three utensils each feature little elegant twist designs in their grip, adding a fine touch of detail to their design. The knife has a short drop point blade with a curved edge and a fine point, a curled over handle provides a wider grip. The fork features two tines, like the traditional carving fork, and both the fork and the spoon feature straight grips that end in little curled hooks for easy and convenient storage when they are not in use. The set comes complete with a genuine leather pouch with a belt loop. Length: 8.75 (Spoon), 6.75(Fork), 8(Knife) Material: Stainless Steel Includes: Genuine Leather Sheath, Belt Loop.