Hand Forged Medieval Frying Pan

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Representative of pans used during the Middle Pages and produced in hammer mills, this frying pan is just as useful now as it was back then. Hand forged from a solid sheet of iron, this pan is capable of frying foods at a high level due to its heat conductivity being much greater than conventional pans. Suitable for all induction, gas, wood, ceramic and electrical stoves, as well as over an open fire, it is the perfect tool for a camp kit due to its versatility. The pan is not coated; it is authentically scratched & cut and improves with increased use. Comes oiled to prevent oxidation and ensure quality. Pan Thickness: 3 mm, Diameter: 11 Inches, Edge height: 0.5 Inches, Handle Length: 9.5 Inches, Weight: 3.3 lb

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