Medieval Foot Soldier 13th Century Gurisarme Polearm Mount

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Many of the polearms we see throughout history are merely a product of peasants creating weapons out of their farming equipment when the time came for them to defend their land. Take the Guisarme, for example. This polearm is said to have originated from a pruning hook tied to a long shaft. This invention bloomed into many variations of the simple design, including this beauty here. This Guisarme attachment is hand forged from high carbon steel that has been expertly heat treated to produce this authentic blackened finish. The sharpened blade rounds into a hook or “beak” that historically was used to dismount horseback riders, and is topped with a 6 ½-inch spear tip. The 4-inch socket is pre-drilled to allow you to easily connect a wooden shaft of your choice to create your own custom prop. This piece comes well oiled – and it is recommended to polish with a mineral oil from time to time to prevent rusting or corrosion. Overall Length: 17 inches, Blade Length: 12 inches


*Please note: A mounting shaft is NOT INCLUDED, but can be purchased at most any local hardware store.

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