Medieval 15th Century Gothic Spaulder

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In medieval Europe metal plates were beginning to be used on armor as early as the 11th century.  By the mid-15th century plate armor was fully developed.  Protection for the shoulders was called pauldrons.  A particular type of smaller symmetrical pauldrons used from the mid-14th century as a defense for the shoulder points and upper arms was called spaulders.  Each spaulder consists of a series of articulated semicircular lames - usually 5 or 6 the upper ones covering the top of the shoulder, while the lower lames strapped over mail sleeves.  The bottom strap of the spaulder frequently attached to the upper cannon of the vambrace.  These spaulders follow a style of armor with beginnings in 15th century Germany called Gothic.  Gothic armor was renowned for its gothic stylization which showed particularly in elaborate curves ending in cusps, rippling, fluting, file work, etc., reaching its peak at the end of the century with an elegant slenderness of line.  Our Gothic Spaulders are handmade from 18 gauge steel with distinct fluting and cusp work on the lames.  Supplied in a set of two spaulders, this pair offers fantastic mobility being articulated on internal leathers.  The spaulders attach to an arming jacket or padded gambeson with arming points at the shoulder and an arming point and strap on the bottom lame.  The strap buckle is of a handsome medieval style. Overall Length: 13.5 Inches Each Piece, Width: 7 Inches Each Piece
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