Medieval Foot Soldier Functional Replica 16th Century Corseque

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Hand forged from high carbon steel and given a roughened antiqued finish for authenticity, this replica 16th century Corseque not only serves well as a great prop for medieval costume, but is also fully functional and is perfect to use for events such as HEMA & SCA. This is a long spear style head with a 10-inch central blade that has two smaller blades (known as wings or flukes) protruding from either side. The 4-inch socket is pre-drilled to allow you to easily connect a wooden shaft of your choice to create your own custom piece for all your reenactment needs. This Corseque comes well oiled – and it is recommended to polish with a mineral oil from time to time to prevent rusting or corrosion. Overall Length: 16.5 Inches, Blade Length (Main Blade): 10 Inches, Blade Length (Fluke): 4 inches

*Please note: A mounting shaft is NOT INCLUDED, but can be purchased at most any local hardware store.

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