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Lemellar Roman 20g Scale Armor Vest Large

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Scale armor is an early form of armor consisting of many individual small armor scales of various shapes attached to each other and to a backing of cloth or leather in overlapping rows. Scale armor was worn by warriors of many different cultures as well as their horses. During Roman times, scale armor was a popular alternative to as it offered better protection against bludgeoning.  The Lemellar Roman 20g Scale Armor Vest covers your torso with overlapping metal panels that give the armor a scaled or patterned appearance. The metal features a darkened finish that retains a gleam.  Small areas are affected by the leather rubbing due to the amount of oil needed to maintain this metal and are easily removed or you can leave them for a more antique "battle worn" look.  Made from 20 gauge galvanized mild steel panels with top-grain leather fittings, this torso armor offers protection and a distinctive look. This scale armor is great for decorative or LARP purposes or re-enactments.

Total Length (from bottom to neck line): 18.5 Inches
Length (from bottom to under arm): 14 Inches
Total Width (not including Laces): 23.62 Inches
Material: 20g Steel and Genuine Leather; Oiled
Size: Large