Ancient Roman Lamellar Scale Armor

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Our Ancient Roman Lamellar Scale Armor offers better protection from blunt attacks than mail and is easier to move in than plate armor, making it great for LARP Battles. In ancient times it was also cheaper to produce and was most popular in Rome and Asia. Modern forms of scale armor are sometimes worn for decorative or live action roleplay purposes, theater work and occasionally re-enactment events. Guard yourself from the blows of the enemy with this excellent piece of upper body protection. This armor covers your torso with overlapping metal panels that give the armor a scaled or patterned appearance. The metal features a darkened finish that retains a gleam. Small areas are effected by the leather rubbing due to the amount of oil needed to maintain this metal and are easily removed or you can leave them for a more antique battle worn look. Made from 20 gauge galvanized mild steel panels with top-grain leather fittings, this torso armor offers protection and a distinctive look.

Total Length (from bottom to neck line): 18 Inches
Length (from bottom to under arm): 13.5 Inches
Total Width (not including Laces): 21.5 Inches
Sizing: Adjustable- One Size Fits Most (Approximately Fits 38.6 to 42.5 Inch chest)
Material: 20g Steel and Genuine Leather; Oiled

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