Lorica Hamata Roman Chainmail Armor SIze Large

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One of the primary armor types used by the Romans as they conquered the then known world along with the plated Lorica Segmentata, the Lorica Hamata was an early form of chainmail armor well before its time. While the original suits were made from bronze or iron, this superb replica features alternating rows of 9mm riveted and solid 16 gauge mild steel rings to form a sleeveless shirt that reaches about mid-thigh. Lined with premium leather piping which is folded over the edges and stitched through, a square-bottomed U shaped shoulder doubling is attached to the body by a row of rings along the back bottom edge. Riveted to the center of the chest is a pair of S-shaped brass hooks which can be hooked onto a stud on each flap. This set is fully wearable but can also be used as an attractive display, it comes oiled to ensure quality and long term maintenance. Chest Size: 55 Inches, Weight: 16 lbs

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