Favored Fortune Knight Crusader Commander Templar Historical Replica Saber Sword

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The strong pave the way to the future. They decide its fortune against all odds and bring about a bright future. The Bright Future Crusader Saber is a replica of a commander knight saber. The blade is 26.5 inches long and is composed of stainless steel. The handle is leather wrapped with wire twisted around it for contrast and authenticity with an antiqued brass finished pommel and guard. Both the pommel and the exterior of the guard have an eagle on one side and a shield on the other side. Included with the Bright Future Crusader Saber is a hard scabbard with imagery such as a red cross and floral engravings along the crest of the chape. The scabbard has a total of 3 rings for easy carry so it can be implemented into a costume easily. Overall Length: 34.75 Inches. Weight: 2.35 lbs.

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